Mike's Family History
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Mike Feyen
This is of me on 12/25/2014
 Hi! You Have reach Mike's Family History.com

 I have  a new domain site .
 It is now called , Mikes family history !
I have a new up date as Aug 1st 2014 , I'm moved in to a nice new Condo apt. Over in Plymouth, Wi.
This condo is down on south st, a very up dated place here in Plymouth, Wi.

 There is now twenty  + pages of history with many new pictures on Photo 1 & 2 pages too !
  So move the bar on lower of the page to reach all pages .
   I'm Mike Feyen  I had lved in Kiel for the last eleven years.  Kiel, Wi. A town of 3,600 a nice small town  to enjoy!
 We moved here over eleven  years ago from Sheboygan, Wi. after my retirment from Kohler Co. after thirty five years.Now have moved to Plymouth ,as of Aug 1st -2014 !
   I have two daughters  Annette who is Forty Five years old.
   Then there is Ashley  who was thirty on March 10-2015.
   We all so had our American Eskimo dog Zeus who was 13 years old and  was full of fun too!   As of May 07 -13 ,Zeus has pass away of old age !

  I wanted to have a Web Page so my friends  around our small world can see what we have been up to so far and what I plan to do now that I'm retired from Kohler Co. of Kohler, Wi.
 I have learn to use a computer with the help of my daughters! I'm sure glad I did, it has help me keep in touch with  family, and friends.
  I have AOL.,  MSN &  G mail too,with three  E mail  address too. 
   All so if you would like to chat with me we can do that to on MSN or AOL too or Yahoo too !
  I all so have a Skype Cam up and running so we can use the web cam if you like too !
   I'm all so now working on making a fun Video too !
  I'm able to keep up dated on news  all around our world and even my home town too.
  I get up dates from  outer space  so I knows  whats going on like Mars and beyond outer space too, and enjoy it very much.
  I all so get up dates from Web MD so helps keep me up on the lates health news.
   I'm finding that with having learn to use a computer as it keep me sharp on my thinking too. All so I'm  learning things I didn't have time for when I was in school.
  As I now can take classes on many new things too.
 I have over fourteen years on my computers
I got a on a new i-pod   to learn to use too.
 I got a nice new I- pad from Ashley & Clayton on June 25th,2014 for my 72 birthday too !.
    I plan on writing a book or two down the road too.
 I'm now update my older family history photo abum of 7-27-12 on new enfo of our family way back in [ 1800's ]
    I have  readed [ Living, Loving, &Learning ] by Leo F. Buscaglia, PH.D.
     For the fourth time. This book should be readed by young middle age,& older people a like, it opens you up to let love in to your life again, and keep it for ever too!
   I have rereaded [Sacred Contracts ] Awakening Your Divine Potential  by Caroline Myss !
   I readed it a few years ago, and like it, It's kind of deep and makes you think !
     I have finish reading Sacred Contracts again and now some info as it tell us that we are all born with a kind of Archetypec for our life .
    We all have your individual Sacred Contract  to show us our Divine or Spiritual connection, to understand our Sacred Contract  and how we can use it to move ahead in our life, with ease, and how to live a happy life !
I now have readed ,a book this summer name Heartbeat ,by Danielle Steel  ,it a OK book if you like her books !
  If You would like to discuss her book or any other any other one  or even her news letters that I get  on line too. So please drop a line  on my E-mail  and  I will love to talk it over with you too Ok ?  Even other books too !
 I plan on reading a book called name First Sight , a french love story ,also by Danielle Steel too ,will let you know later what I think of this book too .A up dated this book turn out very sweet too .
  We would all so like to hear from you if you just want to be friends and talk over any thing on you mind too, as I'm very interested in what other people think too !
  If you just want me to listen to you, thats great too .
  If you have some ideas  on how to make my web site better too .
  May be a you have a good poem or joke too or a new recipe you like  and wish to share as I do like to cook too !
 Even on the Green Bay Packers  O Dear !
Who are having a great year again too !
  May be a song, a nice prayer  that be so great of you .  So I'm here for you, to drop an E-mail, as my E-mail address is on my contact page .
  If you wish to sent just Rel mail  my home address is on my Resume page too .
  I'm here as you friends always !  
      You can now fine me on Facebook too
! Also I'm on Linkedin too.

I'm also plan taking classes on Khan Academy to learn many new things to help me thought many years ahead down the road of life too . 
 My daughter Annette Rose- Marie Feyen &  Michael Shawn Stephani , were  Married on   Aug, 4 -07 !
  Now They are Mr. & Mrs Michael Stephani  !
 Mike & Annette had a sweet baby Boy , Blake Thomas Stephani ,on 3-29-10 & weighted 7lbs &02 ozs & was 20 inchs long too !
 Mike & Annette & baby Blake Thomas are doing great now !
Now Blake make me happy grandpa too !
   There is more info on my family page too as more up dates too .
   There is now Wedding pictures  Annette & Mike's Wedding too on a new page Wedding Photo Album Wedding Reception  Wedding Fun too, &  on our Family page too for all to see& may be a new page or two too .
  I have now made a page  for my sister Betty Werner & her husband Chet & family as a Memorial for Chet & Betty Werner !
  So check out the page for John & Betty Werner & family with pictures too .
 Now as of 4-21-2010 I added a new page name [ Mike & Annette's baby Album ! ]
  This for their new baby Blake Thomas Stephani !
   So be sure to check this out now too as there are many new pictures !  
  I all so had my Fifty class reunion on July 9-2011 !
 We had a very fun time as there was over 80 some class mates & 130 in all that came !
You may read more on this of reunion on my last page ,called my resume page !
I will als be up dating my  resume page with new info & new picture of our Fifty reunion of 2011  summer !
 Sorry to info all that our sweet dog Zeus  has pass away as of May 07-13 of old age of 13 years !

After a nice trip this summer ,with my new Red Chevy Cruze 2012 ,as I plan visit family & friends all around .Then went camping too at Lake Wissota state park ,just north of Eau Claire, Wi.
I had not be there in thirty Years with my family when younger !

Now that moved to my new condo ,in Plymouth, I can not have pets there ,but do  have Gold fish any way .
Now I have ten very large Gold fish in my new 30 gal fish aquarium ,that got from my Ashley & Clayton for my birthday this last June 25th !

I also have over twenty some pretty flowers & plants in my apt,which are doing great .

     All so Ashley & Clayton have bought a new home on westend of Sheboygan,& can move in near end of Sept.  2013 ! 
They moved in on Oct 1st.& are enjoying their new home !

I wish to tell every one ,that my daughter Ashley & her boy Friend Clayton Knapp of Sheboygan as of  4-1-2014 have told us of their Engagiment to be Married on Oct 3th of 2015 ,in Sheboygan, Wi .Many new things are coming ,as their Wedding day is getting near too.

OK my sweet daughter Ashley Marie Feyen ,was  Married to Clayton Knapp on Oct3rd -2015 here in Sheboygan, Wi.
The wedding was at Kohler Andrae State Park , & Reception was at Pine  Hills Country Club in that eve ,a wonderful time was had by all Family & Friends too .

 I'm now updating three new pages ,with Clayton & Ashley Knapp ,Wedding photos & Reception photos too !
 As of Today Jan,1st 2014 ! I'm retired 10  years from Kohler C0. !
   We hope you would like to check out all of our New Web site and let us know what you think too.
 Called -Mikes Family History !
So we will be updating with many new things this new year of 2014 ,so be sure check back from time to time !
   I hope we can help you to get to know us here in Plymouth , Wi. U.S.A. !
    So go though, all the many pages too.
   Then drop a line if you wish ok?
 be sure to check on new older family history now too .

[  OK every one ,as of Aug1st.-2014 I'm moving in to my new Condo apt ,in Plymouth,  Wi. ]

Walking guy

What's New?

Here I might add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change. For exampl 1-1-08 Added  A new page of Wedding Photo Album  of Annette & Mike Stephani Wedding day , & new photos to Family  Album page of Annette & Mike's Wedding day !.  Now I just added three pages for Clayton &  Ashley Knapp wedding Photos . Then all so a Older family Album too now.
 Has been up dated too !  
 Then a new page of our family homes were we lived in over the years too .
Also see New pictures on my Photo abum 1 & 2 .& there is many pages of pictures on 1 & 2 Photo abum's too .,so side the bar on bottom of pages .& see very small no's ,like 1 2 3 4 too .
    I have just updated ,as of 1 -25-16 !
   I hope all have a very fun  Winter now !
  We all so wish a wonderful  year of 2016!
Statue of Liberty
This is the Statue of Liberty !


Leaning tree
Our Tree !


Mike & Annette Stephani !
Married Aug 4 2007 !


This is St. Catherine Catholic Church !
The Church were Mike & Annette were Married !


This is Mike & Annette's Baby Blake Thomas !
Blake Thomas was born 3-29-10 !


A nice picture of baby Blake Thomas !



Boats 3

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